Jika kejahatan di balas kejahatan, maka itu adalah dendam. Jika kebaikan dibalas kebaikan itu adalah perkara biasa. Jika kebaikan dibalas kejahatan, itu adalah zalim. Tapi jika kejahatan dibalas kebaikan, itu adalah mulia dan terpuji.”

Rawatan di rumah: Pedih ulu hati

Selain daripada mendapatkan rawatan dan ubat antasid yang dipreskripsi oleh doktor, pedih ulu hati boleh juga dirawat secara semulajadi dengan mengambil bahan makanan biasa di rumah.

Pakar pemakanan telah mengenalpasti beberapa jenis bahan makanan yang boleh digunakan untuk merawat dan mengubati pedih ulu hati dengan berkesan. Antaranya disebutkan dalam artikel di bawah ini dan anda boleh mencubanya…

Heartburn Home Remedies

What is Heartburn?

If you feel a painful sensation in the chest and stomach or even feel a burning sensation then most likely you are experiencing heartburn. This is mostly felt after consuming liquid or food. Common symptoms associated with heartburn are the following:

A – Shortness of breath
B – Upper abdominal heaviness or fullness
C – Bloating
D – Nausea
E – Indigestion
F – Sour taste in the mouth (specially in the throat)
G – Growling stomach

According to an article cited in Wikipedia, heartburn or pyrosis is a painful or burning sensation in the esophagus, just behind the breastbone usually associated with regurgitation of gastric acid. The pain often rises in the chest and may radiate to the neck, throat, or angle of the jaw.

Effective Heartburn Home Remedies:

Normally, when a person suffers from heartburn, his/her initial instinct is to take an antacid. It is quite convenient that antacids can easily relieve heartburn pain. But did you know that before tossing that pill, there are very effective heartburn home remedies that are as efficient as any antacid tablet.


This is a tropical fruit which aids in digestion due to its papain enzyme found in it. Though it may be a little hard to locate papayas in groceries, you may still consume dry papayas in small amounts. You take papaya before or after eating a heavy meal.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is considered one of the many effective heartburn home remedies. You may take a teaspoon of it or you can do this simple mixture for people who cannot take the cider straight:

Mix all ingredients:

6 ounces of water
1 tablespoon of apple cider with a dash of sugar
Add a little baking soda to create frizz in your drink


Bananas are also useful as one of heartburn home remedies. Its natural antacid helps the stomach to relieve heartburn by coating it.


Garlic is not only meant for cooking but it can also be a health supplement. You may chew on a clove of garlic when you feel that you have heartburn. This wondrous supplement is packed with powerful antibiotic. this antibiotic is used to destroy pathogenic microorganisms found in the stomach.


Just eat a small handful. It is said that it has a high concentration of oil that counterbalance the acid in the stomach during digestion.

These heartburn home remedies are very efficient and more importantly economical. So, when the next time that you feel that you are experiencing heartburn, these home remedies are sure enough to take the pain away.


Melegakan alergi hidung

Banyak orang yang mengalami alergi melalui hidung atau deria bau, terutamnya apabila terdedah kepada habuk, hama, kulat, asap dan sebagainya. Kesan alergi ini tidak dapat dihapuskan sepenuhnya tetapi boleh dikurangkan sekiranya tiada bahan yang menyebabkan alergi tersebut. Pendek kata, orang yang alergi hidung ini mesti sentiasa berada dalam persekitaran yang bersih tanpa sebarang habuk atau kekotoran.

Terdapat pelbagai jenis penyebab kepada alergi ini seperti yang dipanjangkan di bawah ini. Apabila sebab telah diketahui maka mudahlah untuk menghindarinya sedaya mungkin…

Put Out The Welcome Mat

Many irritants — dust, mold, dust mites, wood smoke, pesticides — get tracked into your house on your shoes. Put out a large welcome mat so friends and family will wipe their shoes before entering. Choose a rubber mat that can be cleaned on a regular basis. Better yet, ask them to leave their shoes at the door.

Clean the Air With HEPA Filters

A HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter can capture 98% of the tiny particles (allergens) in the air. These portable devices range from tabletop to room-size. HEPA filters work best for removing pet dander and pollen, but not as well for dust mites. Look for units tested by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers that list the clean air delivery rate (CADR). Make sure the number listed is at least 2/3 of the room’s square feet.

Use an Allergen-Trapping Filter

Typical furnace filters don’t catch smaller allergens. Pleated paper filters with a MERV (efficiency) rating of 7 to 13 can be almost as effective as HEPA filters and can cost around $10. Electrostatic filters use charged fibers to trap allergens and can cost less than $15. Change filters every three months to maintain unit efficiency. A whole-house HEPA or electrostatic filter unit can be added to your HVAC system, but the cost is more than $1,000.

Electronic Air Cleaners

Electronic air cleaners don’t use filters or fans. Instead, they change the electric charge on polluting particles. Some electronic air cleaners produce ozone, which can further irritate allergies.

Neti Pot: Clean Your Nasal Passages

Using a neti pot to irrigate your nasal passages may help reduce allergy symptoms. Fill the pot with lukewarm saline solution, tilt your head over the sink, then pour the salt water into one nostril and let it drain out of the other. The pots, which are available at health food and drugstores, sell for around $15 and contain instructions. You can also use a bulb syringe or rinse bottle to irrigate your nasal passages.

OTC Allergy Medications

Over-the-counter allergy medications come in pills, eye drops, and nasal sprays. Antihistamine pills help relieve allergy symptoms like sneezing, watery eyes, and runny nose. Decongestants help with a stuffy nose. Antihistamine eye drops help itchy eyes. Allergy nasal sprays prevent sneezing and nasal symptoms. Decongestant nasal sprays are not the same thing — using them for more than 3 days can lead to increased nasal congestion.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Dust mites — tiny creatures that live in your bed, sofa, and carpet — are a leading cause of nasal allergies. Keeping indoor humidity low helps control dust mites, which thrive in moist, warm air. But too-dry air can irritate nasal passages and make allergy symptoms worse. Strike a balance by keeping the humidity in your home between 30%-50%. You can monitor it with a hygrometer (about $15). Tabletop humidifiers and dehumidifiers are available at discount and drugstores in the $30 to $100 range.

Remake Your Bed

Keeping dust mites out of mattresses and pillows can help prevent allergy attacks. Choose pillows and comforters filled with synthetic hypoallergenic material instead of mite-friendly feathers. And cut back on the number of throw pillows.

Cover Your Mattress

Encase pillows, mattress, and box springs in allergen-proof covers. Prices can range from $65-$150 depending on bed size.

Upgrade Your Dust Cloth

Trade in your old cloth, which stirs up allergy-causing particles while you dust, for a microfiber cloth. Unlike a cotton towel or old T-shirt, this cloth’s fibers have an electrostatic charge that actually attracts and traps dust. It can be machine washed. You can get microfiber mitts for hard-to-reach or delicate items, and special wipes for electronics.

Wear A Mask and Gloves

Housework and yard work stir up an uncommon amount of potential allergens, from dust and pet dander to pollen and leaf mold. Prevent an allergy attack by donning an inexpensive safety mask and gloves. Use work gloves for outside and nonlatex gloves (latex can cause allergic reactions) when working with household cleaners.

Use a HEPA Vacuum

Vacuuming once a week can help allergy proof your home, but you’ll need to use a vacuum with a replaceable HEPA filter or use a double bag. That’s because standard vacuum cleaners stir up dust into the air, while HEPA filters or double bags trap the dust and allergens. Be sure to vacuum upholstered furniture, too. HEPA filter vacuums can run anywhere from $150 to more than $1,000.

Steam Clean Allergens Away

Steam cleaning helps get rid of dust mites that have set up housekeeping in carpets and upholstered furniture. You can rent a steamer at a grocery or home improvement store for about $25 a day, or buy your own (in the $100 range and up) at department and discount stores. Some manufacturers offer cleaning solutions specially formulated to control allergens. Vacuum after you steam clean to eliminate dead mites.

Mold & Mildew Killers

To get rid of mold – a common allergen that thrives in warm, wet places like the kitchen and bathroom — follow these 3 steps: Clean, disinfect, and dry. Scrub mold and mildew away with soap, water, and a stiff brush. Disinfect with a mold-killing product that has 5% chlorine bleach, or use hydrogen peroxide or vinegar. Check for leaks and use an exhaust fan to prevent mold from returning.

Pet Beds & Shampoos

There are no hypoallergenic pets, but you can reduce pet allergies by keeping your exposure to pet dander to a minimum. Use a mild shampoo to bathe your pet frequently; if your cat is averse to a bath, at least wipe the cat’s fur with a damp washcloth. You can also buy pet wipes at pet stores. Use plastic pet beds that can be wiped down, or wash pet bedding in hot water at least once a week.

Buy Washable Toys

Stuffed toys collect dander and dust mites as well as dirt. Check the labels when you buy toys to make sure they’re washable. Toss them in the washing machine and wash in hot water on a weekly basis. Store stuffed toys on shelves or in a hanging net – but not on the bed. Wipe down plastic or wooden toys with a damp cloth.


Today’s Quote – 29

Yang sangat saya takutkan atas kamu, dua macam, iaitu panjang angan-angan dan menurut hawa nafsu, kerana panjang angan-angan dapat melupakan akhirat dan menurutkan hawa nafsu itu akan menghalangi dari kebenaran ~ Ali bin Abi Talib

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