Senaman perut untuk kesihatan – Gosok perut hanya 2 minit sehari

Senaman mudah dengan cara menggosok tangan di perut melalui kaedah tertentu selama 2 minit dapat memetabolisma tisu lemak di perut dan usus serta mengkumuhkannya melalui peluh, air kencing atau tinja. Ini dipercayai dapat mengurangkan lemak di perut, melancarkan sistem penghadaman dan untuk kesihatan badan secara keseluruhan.

Kaedah senaman perut ini amat mudah dan dipanjangkan di bawah ini sebagai panduan kepada sesiapa yang ingin melakukannya…. selamat mencuba dan selamat berjaya!

Stomach Exercise: Rub Your Stomach Away In Just 2 Minutes a Day?

Did You Know about a stomach exercise where you can rub your stomach away effortlessly using nothing but your hand — for only 2 minutes a day?

This may sound hard to believe, but Dr. Stephen Chang, an M.D. and Ph.D. who’s trained in both Western and Chinese medicine, states that this simple 2-minute internal exercise, which does not come from Western medicine, but rather from the wisdom of ancient Chinese sages — has been used successfully as a self-healing stomach remedy for over 6,000 years.

Whatever you do, don’t confuse this internal exercise with the external exercises of the Western world, such as sit-ups, crunches and other movements that only firm up the underlying stomach muscles … but do nothing to melt the fat surrounding those muscles.

According to Dr. Chang, losing weight is a simple matter of increasing the efficiency of the digestive system. If you’ve ever wondered why you fail to shed pounds even when you reduce your food and/or caloric intake — the reason is because your digestive and excretory systems are not functioning efficiently.

The following 2-minute stomach exercise works like a gentle colonic irrigation that helps speed up a sluggish digestive system (which usually carries at least 5 pounds of fecal matter within it), and this elimination of useless sludge has the effect of burning off excess fat. The exercise effectively metabolizes the fatty tissues around the stomach and intestines, and flushes them out of your body through blood, sweat, urine, and feces.

Here’s how to do the stomach-rubbing exercise:

1) Lie flat on your back on your bed or on the floor. Take your top off or pull it up so that your abdominal area is bare.

2) Rub your hands together vigorously for about 15 seconds, or until they feel hot.

3) Place one of your hands directly on your belly button and begin to rub in small circles around your belly button, and gradually make the circles larger Use fairly firm but comfortable pressure and rub at a slow, even pace, approximately 1 circle per second.

4) Concentrate on the heat building up in, around and throughout your stomach.

5) Do about 40 to 50 circles, or for an approximate duration of 2 minutes or more.

Note: It is important to keep the abdominal area warm while doing the exercise, especially during winter months when even heated indoor air tends to be cool.

For best results, do this stomach exercise routine twice a day for 2 minutes — first thing in the morning (before breakfast) and just before you go to bed. Most people see noticeable results within 1 week of consistent practice.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the stomach is the center of energy. Massaging the stomach in the manner described above therefore accomplishes more than just melting away adipose tissue (fat).
The stomach exercise also can help:

* stimulates the abdominal organs
* helps speed up slow digestion and remedies constipation
* increases blood circulation in the abdominal area
* helps heal indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and the adverse effects of overeating

Caution: The stomach massage should not be practiced immediately after a heavy meal. Neither is it advisable for women who are pregnant, or have inflammation of the uterus, bladder, ovaries and fallopian tubes; and individuals who have the following conditions: hypertension; stones in the gall bladder, kidneys or bladder; general, femoral, inguinal and umbilical hernia; bleeding of the stomach, lungs or brain; or ulcers of the intestines and stomach.


Hadis – 102 ~ Pintu syurga bagi orang berpuasa

“Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda:
“Sesungguhnya di syurga terdapat pintu yang dinamakan al-Rayyan. Orang-orang yang berpuasa akan masuk melalui pintu itu pada hari Kiamat. Tidak ada seseorang pun yang akan masuk melalui pintu ini kecuali mereka. Dikatakan: Mana orang-orang yang berpuasa? Lalu mereka semua berdiri. Tidak ada seorang pun yang masuk melalui pintu ini selain mereka. Apabila mereka semua telah masuk, pintu ini akan ditutup dan tidak ada seorang pun yang akan masuk
(HR al-Bukhari dalam Shahih al-Bukhari)

Makanan utama bagi kulit sihat dan cantik

Semua orang inginkan kulit yang sihat, cantik, licin, menarik dan segar, tidak kira perempuan atau laki-laki, terutamanya bagi remaja dan orang yang di ambang warga emas di mana kadar proses penuaan dirasakan amat cepat.

Bagi mereka yang berminat untuk menjaga kulit supaya kelihatan sentiasa cantik atau sekurang-kurangnya melambatkan proses penuaan, berikut dipanjangkan perincian beberapa maklumat/petua tentang jenis masalah kulit beserta jenis dan sumber makanan/nutrien yang diperlukan untuk mengatasi masalah tersebut. Di antaranya, masalah jerawat boleh diperbaiki dengan memakan bahan yang mengandungi banyak vitamin A, zink dan omega-3. Bagi kulit yang kering dan kusam, makanan yang mengandungi omega-3, niacin (vitamin B) dan biotin (vitamin B) juga boleh membantu. Bagi kulit yang menunjukkan tanda-tanda penuaan di mana kulit semakin kendur dan berkedut dengan garis-garis yang mula kelihatan, makanan yang mengandungi vitamin A, vitamin C dan polifenol tumbuhan (seperti teh hijau, coklat) insya Allah dapat mengurangkannya atau melambatkannya.

Semoga bermanfaat….

Superfoods for Amazing Skin

By Lucy Danziger and the staff at SELF
Sep 27, 2011

Check out the labels on your favorite skin-care products and potions and you’ll probably see that many of the beautifiers contain ingredients you’ll find in your fridge. Which made us think: Why not get more of the good-for-you stuff to enhance your complexion from the inside out? So we scoured the science and spent face-time with top experts to develop three diets—one each to tackle acne, aging and dry, dull skin—that basically involve filling up on delicious foods rich in skin-saving nutrients. Give them a try—and don’t be afraid to pile your plate high: It’s practically impossible to OD on nutrients through whole foods alone. All you have to do is identify your top skin woe and dish up a gorgeous future.

The problem: Acne

Sadly, embarrassing breakouts don’t always disappear after high school, but getting plenty of these three nutrients can help you banish blemishes whatever your age.

Vitamin A

“This antioxidant thins the epidermis, or outer layer of skin, which produces dead cells that can clog pores,” explains Jody Levine, M.D., a dermatologist in New York City. It also dries up sebum, the gross, oily, waxy stuff your skin glands produce that mixes with dead skin cells to create clogs and transport you to Zitville. The daily value (DV) of A is 5,000 international units (IUs), so get at least that much, and pair it with healthy fats such as olive oil or avocado: A is a fat-soluble vitamin, so your body will absorb it better.

GOOD SOURCES Sweet potatoes (28,000 IUs each); leafy greens such as spinach (23,000 IUs per chopped, cooked cup), kale (19,000 IUs per cooked cup) and broccoli (2,400 IUs per cooked cup); bright red, yellow and orange produce such as carrots (27,000 IUs per cooked cup), cantaloupe (5,400 IUs per cup), red bell peppers (4,700 IUs per cup) and red chile peppers (428 IUs each); asparagus (600 IUs per four spears)


The mineral helps tame skin’s oil production; less oil (if you have an excess of the stuff) means less sebum—and fewer pimples, according to Dr. Levine. The RDA for zinc is 8 milligrams.

GOOD SOURCES Raw oysters (76 mg per six oysters), fortified breakfast cereals such as Total (15 mg per ¾ cup), canned blue crab (5 mg per cup), turkey (4 mg per cup), beef sirloin (4 mg per 3 ounces), part-skim ricotta (3 mg per cup)

Omega-3 fatty acids

They help maintain the body’s essential oils, the healthy, non-pore-clogging kind that keep skin cells from drying out, flaking and congesting pores, Dr. Levine says. They also have anti-inflammatory properties that aid with healing. “Acne is a teeny little wound on your face,” says Kristin Kirkpatrick, R.D., nutrition advisor to There’s no RDA for omega-3s; Kirkpatrick suggests aiming for 600 mg daily.

GOOD SOURCES Flaxseed (1,600 mg per 1 tablespoon), canola oil (1,300 mg per 1 tbsp), soybean oil (900 mg per 1 tbsp)

The problem: Dry, dull skin

You already know that drinking plenty of liquids helps rejuvenate flaky, flat-looking skin, so keep the water flowing—then add these vital nutrients to your freshen-up arsenal.

Omega-3 fatty acids

“As we get older, our oil glands produce less oil, so you see more flaking and scaling,” says dermatologist Valori Treloar, M.D., coauthor of The Clear Skin Diet. Omega-3s may help lubricate skin to keep it looking dewy. Try to consume 600 mg a day.

GOOD SOURCES Flaxseed (1,600 mg per 1 tbsp), canola oil (1,300 mg per 1 tbsp), soybean oil (900 mg per 1 tbsp)


“When skin cells dry out, their barrier to the environment breaks down,” Dr. Levine says. “Bacteria and other things from the outside can then penetrate more easily and cause an inflammatory reaction.” And that means you can add redness and irritation to your list of complaints. Niacin, a B vitamin, appears to help strengthen the skin’s barrier, by both hydrating cells and acting as an anti-inflammatory, Dr. Levine says. The RDA for niacin is 14 mg.

GOOD SOURCES Chicken (12 mg per ½ breast), canned light tuna (11 mg per 3 oz), wheat flour (9 mg per cup), beef sirloin (6 mg per 3 oz), cornmeal (4 mg per cup)


This is another B vitamin, and although its mechanisms aren’t yet well understood, biotin has been shown to help hair and nails grow, and it may also aid skin-cell turnover, which keeps your complexion looking fresh. There’s no RDA, but doctors consider 30 micrograms adequate.

GOOD SOURCES Eggs (up to 25 mcg each), avocado (up to 6 mcg each), salmon (up to 5 mcg per 3 oz)

The problem: Signs of aging

Getting older is fine (wisdom, respect, all that good stuff). Looking older, not so much. Thankfully, we can help stall the process by eating strawberries, pineapple and other delish foods.

Vitamin A

Of skin’s several layers, the dermis—which lies right below the surface layer of skin (or epidermis)—contains all the collagen, a protein that gives skin plumpness and elasticity. “Vitamin A helps increase collagen production and thickens the dermis,” Dr. Levine explains. The result: Skin looks fuller and bounces back more readily. And because it’s an antioxidant, A also helps repair the free radical damage to skin cells that leads to wrinkling and sagging. The DV is 5,000 IUs.

GOOD SOURCES Sweet potatoes (28,000 IUs each); leafy greens such as spinach (23,000 IUs per chopped, cooked cup), kale (19,000 per cooked cup) and broccoli (2,400 IUs per cooked cup); bright red, yellow and orange produce such as carrots (27,000 IUs per cooked cup ), cantaloupe (5,400 IUs per cup), sweet red bell peppers (4,700 IUs per cup) and red chile peppers (428 IUs each); asparagus (600 IUs per four spears)

Vitamin C

Also an antioxidant, “vitamin C basically helps mop up free radicals before they do any damage,” Dr. Levine says. You’ll hit your mark at 75 mg.

GOOD SOURCES Red bell peppers (152 mg each), broccoli (101 mg per cooked cup), strawberries (98 mg per cup), papaya (87 mg per cup), pineapple (74 mg per cup), kiwifruit (70 mg each), cantaloupe (59 mg per cup), cauliflower (46 mg per cup)

Plant polyphenols

These organic plant chemicals seem to do double dermis duty. For starters, polyphenols in green tea significantly increased circulation to skin in a recent study at the University of Witten-Herdeck in Germany. “We don’t know the mechanism, but if you’re getting more blood flow to the skin, the cells are getting increased nutrients, which can help support their health,” says study author Carolyn Moore, Ph.D. Participants drank the equivalent of 8 cups of decaffeinated green tea a day; Dr. Moore can’t speculate on the effect of drinking less, but it couldn’t hurt to start with 1 or 2 cups a day. People who drank water mixed with cocoa powder high in flavonols, another type of polyphenol, experienced a similar increase in hydration and blood flow to their skin, as well as less roughness and scaling, a study in The Journal of Nutrition shows. What’s more, cocoa’s flavonols seem to offer some UV ray protection: The skin of cocoa sippers showed less redness after sun exposure.

GOOD SOURCES Green tea, chocolate (a few ounces a day should do the trick)

Now you know what to eat for gorgeous, glowy skin—but there are also some foods you should steer clear of if you want to prevent acne and aging. Discover the top troublemakers at


Pergantungan kepada Allah SWT

“Bagi orang beriman, pergantungan kepada Allah s.w.t membuat hati tidak berputus asa dalam menghadapi dugaan hidup. Bagi orang yang tidak beriman, pergantungan mereka hanya tertuju kepada ilmu, keupayaan dan usaha mereka.” ~ Syarah Al-Hikam

Kisah Sufi: Hassan Al-Basri

Kisah teladan seorang wali Allah terkenal untuk dikongsi…. semoga dapat menjadi iktibar, peringatan dan pengajaran kepada kita semua….


Sebelum Hasan menjadi seorang sufi, beliau ialah seorang jauhari (peniaga intan berlian). Satu hari beliau pergi ke satu tempat bernama Rom (di Asia Minor) kerana berniaga, dan pergi berjumpa menteri sultan. Menteri itu berkata kepada beliau, “Anda hendaklah menunggu beberapa hari lagi kerana pada masa ini menemankan sultan dalam satu kerja pentingnya. Jika anda mahu, anda bolehlah bersama kami.” Hasan pun berangkatlah bersama sultan, menteri dan lain-lain. Mereka masuk ke satu hutan yang luas. Di tengah hutan itu ada terdiri sebuah khemah yang hebat, yang di kawal oleh askar-askar. Pegawai-pegawai tentera masuk ke khemah itu dan kemudian keluar. Kemudian mereka berjalan mengelilingi khemah itu, dan kemudia pergi. Setelah itu tiba pula orang-orang tua yang kehormatan masuk ke khemah itu, berkata sesuatu, kemudian keluar, lalu mengelilingi khemah itu dan pergi. Kemudian datang pula golongan-golongan pakar-pakar perubatan dan berbuat demikian juga. Kemudian giliran dua ratus orang gadis yang cantik-cantik pula berbuat demikian. Akhirnya datanglah sultan dengan menterinya; baginda masuk ke dalam khemah itu, berkata sesuatu, keluar dan mengelilingi khemah itu dan terus pergi.

Hasan hairan melihat peristiwa itu. Beliau bertanya kepada menteri yang menemaninya itu. Kata menteri tersebut, “Sultan itu mempunyai anak yang lawa dan berani telah meninggal dunia di sini. Anak itu di kuburkan di tempat khemah itu terdiri. Tiap-tiap tahun kami mengunjungi tempat ini dan melakukan upacara yang tuan baru saksikan tadi. Mula-mulanya pihak tentera pergi ke kubur itu dan berkata kepada yang berkubur di situ ia itu anak raja itu, “Jikalah dengan senjata kami, dapat kami menyelamatkan kamu dari Tuhan Kematian, akan kami kurbankan nyawa kami untuk menyempurnakan tujuan itu, tetapi apakah daya kami tidak berupaya.”

Kemudian datang pula pihak candakiawan yang berkata, “Jikalau ilmu dan pengalaman kami dapat menyelamatkan kamu dari mati, tetapi apakan daya kami tidak berupaya“. Kemudian datang pula, pihak tabib, berkata, “Jika ubat-ubat kami dapatmenyelamatkan kamu dari mati, tentu kami akan berusaha menyelamatkan kamu, tetapi apakan daya, kami tidak berupaya”. Kemudian pihak gadis-gadis yang cantik itu pula berkata, “Jikalau kecantikan kami dapat menyelamatkan kamu dari mati, nescaya kami kurbankan apa sahaja untuk kamu, tetapi apakan daya, kami tidak berupaya”. Selepas itu, datang pula sultan ditemani oleh menteri-menterinya dan berkata, ‘Anak ku ! kami berusaha sedaya-upaya dengan kekuatan tentera, tabib-tabib dan lain-lain untuk menyelamatkan kamu dari mati, namun takdir Tuhan tetap berlaku jua. Selamatlah kamu tinggal di sini dan kami akan datang lagi tahun depan, pada masa ini juga.”

Peristiwa ini sangat mengharukan fikiran Hasan dan mengubah sikapnya. Beliau menghabiskan hidupnya dengan beribadat kepada Allah dan bersedia untuk menghadapi mati. Beliau kembali ke Basrah. Perniagaannya di tinggalkan. Beliau pergi jauh dari manusia ramai dan bersumpah tidak akan senyum sepanjang hidupnya. Tujuh puluh tahun lamanya beliau tidak berhenti-henti beribadat kepada Allah. Dalam hidupnya hanya satu sahaja keperluan dan tujuannya iaitu Allah. Dia tidak peduli apa sahaja selain Allah.

Apabila Rabi’atul-adawiyah Al-Basriyyah (803 Masehi) tidak datang menghadiri syarahan Hasan, ia tidak akan memberi syarahan hari itu. Orang bertanya kenapa beliau bersikap demikian. Jawabnya, “Serbat yang ada di dalam bekas untuk gajah tidak dapat dimuatkan dalam bekas untuk semut.”

Semasa beliau bersyarah dalam keadaan dzauk (mabuk terhadap Allah) beliau berterima kasih kepada Rabi’atul adawiyah dengan katanya, “Saya berterima kasih kerana berkat mu, membawa ku ke dalam mabuk cinta kepada Allah ( dzauk )”

Beliau pernah di tanya, “Apakah Islam dan siapakah orang Islam? “Hasan menjawab, “Islam itu dalam kitab-kitab dan orang Islam itu dalam kubur.”

Kata-kata Hasan

1. Janganlah kamu tinggalkan amalan ugama mu kerana takutkan musuh yang mengganggu kamu. Bahkan mereka itu mengganggu Allah.

2. Akhir dunia dan awal akhirat ialah dalam kubur.

Biasanya Hasan menulis dosa-dosa yang dilakukan pada pakaiannya semenjak dahulu lagi. Beliau selalu melihat tulisan tersebut. Kadang-kadang beliau akan menangis hinggakan jatuh pengsan apabila melihat dosa yang di lakukannya itu.

Satu ketika, Hasan berserta dengan beberapa orang lain, sedang pergi ke Ka’abah, tengah jalan mereka sampai ke satu perigi, mereka semuanya dahaga tetapi mereka tidak ada tali timba untuk mengambil air telaga itu. Hasan pun berkata, “ Saya hendak sembahyang, semasa saya sembahyang tuan-tuan akan lihat air itu naik ke atas tuan-tuan bolehlah minum air itu untuk menghilangkan dahaga.” Perkara itu benar-benar berlaku. Tetapi ada seorang daripada mereka itu, setelah minum sepuas-puasnya, telah mengisi bekas airnya untuk kegunaan masa depan. Air itu pun tidak semena-mena turun ke bawah semula. Apabila beliau di tanya tentang peristiwa ganjil itu. Hasan menjawab, “Itu adalah kerana kurangnya iman mu untuk bertawakal bulat-bulat kepada Allah.

Hasan sangat merendahkan dirinya hingga dianggap dirinya itu lebih hina dari segala yang lain. Satu hari, di tebing sungai Dajlah, beliau nampak seorang lelaki sedang duduk dengan seorang perempuan muda dan sebotol arak ada di hadapan orang itu. Terlintas dalam fikirannya, “Alangkah jahatnya orang itu! Alangkah baiknya jika ia seperti aku”. Tatkala itu datang sebuah perahu dan tidak jauh dari orang itu. Perahu itu beransur-ansur tenggelam. Ada tujuh orang dalam perahu itu pun hampir-hampir mati lemas. Orang itu pun segera melompat ke dalam sungai itu dan menyelamatkan enam orang dari tujuh orang itu dari mati lemas. Kemudian orang itu berpaling kepada Hasan dan berkata, “Jika kamu lebih mulia dari saya, maka dengan nama Allah, selamatkanlah orang yang seorang lagi itu. Kamu hanya selamatkan seorang, tetapi aku selamatkan enam orang.” Tetapi Hasan tidak dapat menyelamatkan orang yang seorang itu. Orang itu berkata kepada Hasan, “Tuan, orang perempuan di sisi saya itu ialah ibu ku, dan botol itu mengandungi air sahaja. Peristiawa ini adalah untuk menguji tuan.“

Mendengarkan itu, Hasan jatuh terduduk, lalu berkata, “Seperti tuan telah menyelamatkan enam orang, maka selamatkanlah saya dari tenggelam dalam air kebanggaan dan kesombongan”. Orang itu menjawab, “Moga-moga Allah kabulkan kehendak mu!”. Hasan terasa yang kehendaknya telah terkabul.

Semenjak itu, beliau sangat merendahkan diri. Apabila melihat seekor anjing, beliau berkata, “Ya Allah, demi anjing yang baik ini, terimalah aku sebagai hamba Mu”.

Hasan berkata bahawa empat peristiwa yang memberinya pengajaran besar dalam hidup:

Satu ketika saya tarik pakaian seorang kasi (orang pontong) kerana berseloroh. Orang itu berkata, “Kembalikan pakaian itu, kerana ada orang yang tahu keadaan ku yang sebenarnya”. Tiba-tiba terlintas di fikiran ku: bagaimana pula kedudukan kita di akhirat kelak jika di telanjangkan dan semua dosa kita itu diperlihatkan?

Seorang mabuk sedang menggelupur dalam Lumpur. Saya katakan kepadanya supaya berhati-hati agar tidak tenggelam. Orang itu berkata, “Hasan, jika aku tenggelam, aku sediri yang menderita. Tuan jagalah diri tuan. Jika tuan jatuh, semua pengikut mu akan tenggelam sama.”

Suatu hari seorang budak (kanak-kanak) membawa lampu yang menyala. Saya tanya dia dari mana dia bawa api itu. Kanak-kanak itu pun memadamkan lampu itu dan berkata, “Beritahu pada ku ke mana perginya api yang bernyala pada lampu itu?”

Suatu hari seorang perempuan yang jelita berlari di jalan raya dengan kepalanya tanpa tudung sambil merungut tentang suaminya. Saya suruh dia menutup kepala dan mukanya. Perempuan itu berkata, “Cinta kepada suami telah menghilangkan fikiran ku hingga aku tidak sedarkan diri ku dan keliling ku. Jika tuan tidak memberitahu ku yang kepala dan muka ku tidak bertutup, maka tidaklah aku tahu. Aku akan berjalan seperti ini di jalan ini. Tetapi hairan juga aku, hai Hasan, tuan berpura-pura sebagai seorang pencinta Allah dan tuan sedar kepada apa sahaja yang terlintas di hadapan tuan, dan panca-indera tuan masih ada kesedaran kepada yang lain. Apakah cinta Allah yang ada pada tuan itu?

Pendapat Hasan

Kambing itu lebih sedar dari manusia kerana menurut kata gembalanya. Tetapi manusia itu tidak taat kepada perintah Tuhannya dan menurut sahaja kehendak iblis.

Kawan-kawan yang jahat merosakan orang yang berjalan menuju Allah.

Mengumpulkan harta-benda lebih buruk daripada meminum arak yang mana adalah dilarang oleh Al–kitab.

Siapa yang memencilkan dirinya akan selamat. Siapa yang memisahkan dirinya dari nafsunya akan merasai kebebasan.

Orang yang menggali asas dasar dunia ini akan di situ membina bagunan akhirat adalah orang yang bijak.

Barang siapa yang kenal Allah menganggap dunia ini sebagai musuhnya, dan siapa yang kasih akan dunia akan menjadi musuh Allah.

Orang yang membuang amalan ruhaniah dan menggantikan nya dengan bermurah hati kepada dunia, cuba menegapkan cara-caranya yang jahat itu, adalah orang yang rosak.

Barangsiapa yang cinta kepada emas dan perak akan dihinakan oleh Allah. Siapa yang menganggap dirinya sebagai pemimpin masyarakat adalah sesat dan hina.

Allah berfirman dalam Al-Quran, “Aku akan ampunkan kamu dari segala dosa kamu jika kamu tidak memandang yang lain kecuali Aku.”

Hasan di tanya, “Bagaimanakah kamu?”
Beliau menjawab, “Saya adalah ibarat orang di tengah laut yang kehilangan perahu dan terapung-apung di dalam air.”

Hadis – 101 ~ Yang paling mulia di sisi Allah SWT

“Maksud Hadis Nabi SAW: “Tidak ada sesuatu yg lebih mulia di sisi Allah daripada do’a.” (HR Ibnu Majah 3819)

5 Tabiat mengakibatkan plak gigi

Sebenarnya pembentukan plak gigi (karang gigi/karat gigi) ini tidak sukar untuk dicegah jika gigi sentiasa dalam keadaan bersih daripada sisa-sisa makanan yang tertinggal di celah-celah gigi. Plak gigi terjadi daripada tindakan bakteria dengan bahan-bahan rembesan dalam mulut yang akan menghasilkan satu lapisan lembut yang menyelaputi gigi. Jika ia dibiarkan tanpa dibersihkan sebelum mengeras, lapisan ini akan menjadi keras dan sukar untuk dikikis kecuali dibuat oleh doktor gigi. Plak gigi ini boleh menyebabkan penyakit gusi dan memudahkan gigi berlubang.

Untuk penjagaan gigi yang sihat, pastikan tidak ada plak gigi yang tebal dan berkarat. Terdapat 5 tabiat yang telah dikenal pasti menyumbang kepada pembentukan plak gigi yang harus kita hindari. Antara tabiat tersebut ialah tidak menggosok gigi secara berkala dan berterusan. Kita disarankan untuk menggosok gigi sekurang-kurangnya 2 kali sehari dengan berus gigi yang agak lembut. Gigi juga perlu dibersihkan atau sekurang-kurangnya berkumur selepas makan dan minum (minuman manis). Bagi membersihkan sisa makanan di celah gigi, disarankan guna flos sekurang-kurangnya sekali sehari. Takut berjumpa doktor juga menyebabkan plak gigi yang nipis menjadi semakin menebal. Satu perkara yang kita sering lupa ialah “berus gigi semulajadi” iaitu semasa kita makan dan mengunyah buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran secara tak langsung membantu mengurangkan pembentukan plak gigi. Oleh itu, tabiat harian yang menyumbang kepada pembentukan dan penebalan plak gigi ini haruslah dijauhi bagi mendapatkan gigi yang cantik dan sihat.

Artikel berkaitan dipanjangkan di bawah ini untuk dikongsi….

5 Habits That Lead to Plaque on Your Teeth

By Matthew Hoffman, MD
Reviewed By Brunilda Nazario, MD

Since childhood, we’ve been trained to resist that dreaded enemy of teeth. Regular brushing and flossing are sure bets for dental health. What else could you be doing — or avoiding — to keep plaque off your knockout smile?

“Keeping plaque off your teeth isn’t complicated, but consistency is key,” says Richard Price, DMD, spokesman for the American Dental Association. “Good habits make for healthy teeth — for most people, it’s that simple,” Price tells the author.

What Is Tooth Plaque?

Plaque is a sticky mix of bacteria and the substances they secrete. Bacteria produce adhesive chemicals called mucopolysaccharides. The bacteria then live in this film on teeth, called a biofilm.

At first, this slimy layer is fragile and easily removed by tooth brushing. “Think of the film on a fish tank wall. It’s easy to wipe off with a washcloth, if you’re vigilant,” says Price.

And if you’re not? The bacteria in tooth plaque are free to release acids that damage tooth enamel. Regular acid assaults on enamel can wear holes in teeth, commonly called cavities.

If left alone, plaque buildup also gradually hardens, creating tartar or calculus on your teeth.

“Tartar is petrified plaque,” Price tells the author. “Once it’s there, you need a dentist’s help…tartar can’t be brushed off.” Tartar above the gum line also contributes to gingivitis, or gum disease.

The secrets to avoiding plaque buildup aren’t so secret. You’ve probably been hearing most of them since before you lost your baby teeth. But bad habits have a way of sneaking up on us. Make sure you’re pushing back against plaque by avoiding these five bad habits for tooth health.

Plaque Habit No. 1: Not Brushing Regularly

No one else might notice if you don’t brush your teeth twice a day, every day. But your teeth will.

“Plaque is a little like bees in the summertime,” offers Price. “One or two won’t really bother you, but if you let them build a beehive in the backyard, you’ve got a problem,” he tells the author.

Brush your teeth gently twice a day, using a fluoride-containing toothpaste. The exact technique isn’t so important as concentrating to make sure you’re softly brushing all the surfaces of your teeth.

Plaque Habit No. 2: Not Flossing Daily

Brushing doesn’t reach the spaces between teeth, but plaque does. A simple daily flossing between teeth clears away plaque before it can cause damage.

“Flossing also cleans plaque at the gum line, another area that brushing doesn’t reach,” says Price. If left alone, plaque past the gum line can lead to periodontal disease.

If you just can’t stand flossing your teeth, consider using one of the many other ADA-approved products to clean between your teeth daily. They’re available in any supermarket or drugstore; ask your dentist if you’re not sure which one to use.

Plaque Habit No. 3: Avoiding the Dentist

Even if you brush and floss your teeth daily, you’ll miss some plaque. Over time, that plaque hardens into tartar that needs to be removed at your dentist’s office. Yet more than a third of people surveyed haven’t seen their dentist in more than a year.

“Even dentists don’t like to go to the dentist,” jokes Price. But studies show that in general, people who neglect regular dentist visits get more cavities and have a higher chance of losing their teeth.

Once a year teeth cleanings are considered the minimum. Twice a year teeth cleanings may be better for many people. “Most dentists recommend twice a year cleanings or more,” according to Price.

Plaque Habit No. 4: Neglecting Nature’s Toothbrushes

Long before toothbrushes and fluoride toothpaste existed, certain foods played a role in keeping plaque off our teeth.

“Eating crunchy vegetables or fruits with the skin on can scrub off plaque,” Price tells the author. Carrots, apples, cucumbers, and many other raw fruits and vegetables are teeth-friendly, despite the sugar they contain.

In addition, eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in processed foods helps protect you from obesity, heart disease, and cancer.

Plaque Habit No. 5: Indulging Your Sweet Tooth

Bacteria love simple carbohydrates like sugar. Eating candy or drinking sugary soft drinks lets sugar stick to our teeth, giving bacteria something to munch on. As the bacteria create a film of plaque, they digest sugar into acid, which damages teeth.

“All sugary candy, and most junk food in general, contribute to plaque formation,” warns Price. “High-sugar foods or drinks that are also soft or sticky are especially problematic. … Sugary soft drinks might be about the worst thing you can put on your teeth,” he tells WebMD.

Avoiding these five bad habits can help you keep plaque in check (and keep your teeth). There are other steps you can consider to prevent plaque, tartar, and cavities, too:

* Sealants. The pits and fissures on molars can be difficult to keep clean in some people, even with good dental care. Dental sealants are a clear plastic coating that covers the tooth surface, barring bacteria and acid from entering. Sealants are safe and effective in blocking plaque and preventing tooth decay.

* Mouth rinse. Some people may benefit from adding a therapeutic mouth rinse to their daily routine. Several ADA-approved mouth rinses with fluoride have been shown to help prevent plaque and tooth decay. No mouth rinse can substitute for brushing and flossing, however.

“No one’s teeth can stay plaque-free 24 hours a day, it’s just not possible,” says Price. But good habits over a lifetime will help you beat back plaque and save your smile.


Syukur yang sebenar

“Syukur itu dengan hati, lisan dan anggota badan.” ~ Imam Ibnu Rajab

3 Senaman mudah kurangkan sakit belakang

Bagi pesakit tulang belakang, senaman mudah dan ringkas ini mungkin boleh membantu anda mengurangkan rasa sakitnya. 3 senaman mudah ini dapat membantu perjalanan darah yang lebih baik, menggalakkan perembesan kimia rasa senang (endorphin), meregangkan otot yang ketat, membantu proses penyahtoksikan bahan toksik dalam badan yang kerap menyebabkan rasa sakit dan radang sendi. Senaman ini perlu dilakukan selalu.

Berikut dipaparkan perincian 3 senaman ringkas dan mudah ini…. semoga bermanfaat kepada semua. Orang yang tidak sakit belakang pun boleh mengamalkannya sebagai langkah pencegahan.

3 Easy Exercises for Back Pain Relief

Stop living with daily back pain and start taking action to relieve your back pain for good

by The Healthy Back Institute

Back pain is such an obvious problem in our day-to-day lives that we either let it get the best of us, take way too many over-the-counter pain or anti-inflammatory pills, or run to the doctor for physical therapy or surgery. And you know the pain or spasm is coming (or going to get worse than it already is), because you had a stressful day at work or you lifted too many boxes or pull a weed the wrong way from your beautiful garden.

The good news is that suffering back pain need not be a part of your daily routine. All you need to do is engage in a few easy exercises to loosen up and restore proper posture, and your back will be supple in no time.

You don’t need a personal trainer or a gym membership, or even a lot of space to do them. And these three simple exercises should always be your first line of “therapy” when you feel a twinge of discomfort… and certainly long before you reach for the pain relievers or muscles relaxants. A few relaxed sets of each of these exercises can immediately make you feel better, and prevent a needless trip to the doctor.

These simple exercises are knee bends, waist twists and hip rolls. They are a great way to get the blood moving, release those feel-good endorphins, stretch the muscles, restore normal range of motion and help you detox those nasty toxins that cause pain and inflammation. These are the secrets to back pain relief — and prevention.

Since these simple exercises contract and extend the major muscle groups, including the core stabilizing muscles, you can do them anytime with varying degrees of difficulty. Simply adjust them as you get more accustomed to doing them.

Done regularly, these beneficial exercises will increase your health and fitness levels by promoting blood circulation and releasing muscle tightness and spasms, thus helping to tone your body. They will make you feel warmer and even help improve your digestive health as they assist the action of your intestines to move the bowels and aid in the detoxification process.

Detoxing is important when considering pain, as toxins (metabolic waste) in the blood and muscles creates inflammation and pain.

Let’s now look at how easy it is to do these three simple back pain relief exercises:

Exercise 1 — Hip Rolls:

Stand back away from your support and stand with legs at shoulder-width apart.

Tighten your abdominal muscles and put your hands on your hips.

Imagine you have a hula hoop, or are doing the hula, and rotate your hips clockwise 5 times, then rotate them counter-clockwise 5 times.

Be sure to relax and smile and breathe naturally with this exercise.

Exercise 2 — Waist Twists:

With your hands relaxed at your sides and with feet a shoulder-width apart, simply start swinging your arms right then left, patting both hands on your lower back as they reach around.

This will massage the kidneys. Be sure not to swing or pat too hard, just in a relaxed easy motion! Breathe naturally and relax.

Simply do a count of 10, and then relax. Then move onto the next exercise.

Exercise 3 — Knee Bends:

Do some gentle, relaxed knee bends. If you have knee or back issues it is best to do them with the assistance of a chair, table or desk.

Stand in a relaxed shoulder-width position and place your hands on the support. Tighten your stomach muscles and exhale while bending your knees and going down as far as you can without falling or straining your knees. Inhale while standing up. Do 10 of these to finish this quick exercise circuit.

The complete series of these three simple exercises only takes about two minutes to complete. Initially, try to do the exercises three times each day.

So take an exercise break at work instead of a coffee or cigarette break! You’ll be delighted on how good your low back will start to feel over time.


Hadis – 100 ~ Syarat untuk dicintai Allah dan Rasul

“Maksud Hadis Nabi SAW: “Barangsiapa ingin dicintai Allah dan rasulNya hendaklah dia berbicara benar (jujur), menepati amanat dan tidak mengganggu tetangganya.” (HR. Al-Baihaqi)

Barangsiapa mengutamakan kecintaan Allah atas kecintaan manusia maka Allah akan melindunginya dari beban gangguan manusia.” (HR Ad-Dailami)

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